about Cognitive functions

Elderly couple playing brain games together on their laptop

We All Age,

Some better than others.

Among the organs of our body, the impact of ageing on the brain is undoubtedly one of those that affect our lives most.

The brain is the master organ of our body;it controls all our vital functions and those of our daily activities, including our cognitive functions.

What are Cognitive Functions?

Cognitive functions are mental processes that allow us to perform any task. They allow us to play an active role in most activities of receiving, selecting, transforming, storing, processing and retrieving information. We can thus evolve in our environment.

All of these functions are essential for our daily living, and executive and daily functioning.

Examples of cognitive functions: thinking & reasoning, behaviour & emotion, attention, learning & memory, communication

How does the Brain Change with Age?

As people age, their bodily processes gradually decline, including brain functions. One may experience cognitive changes associated with normal ageing, such as difficulty in remembering and recalling, and being less able to multitask. However, when these changes are significant enough to interfere with daily life and activities, or if one has a probable attributable medical condition, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional for advice.